Join a vibrant online learning community to explore the book of Exodus as the framework for understanding God’s redemption and the life and witness of God’s people.

Video conferences with Dr. Chris Wright*

*Dr. Chris Wright is the International Ministries
Director of Langham Partnership International

Who is this course for?

Students do not need previous formal theological training or be engaged in professional ministry to take this course.  This course is designed to help Christians from around the world gain clarity about their role in the mission of the Church, and reframe their vocational decisions taking into account God’s grand narrative of redemption.

CETI’s open courses seek to help our students bring sound theological perspective to life’s pressing issues. In other words, they are not merely about theology; rather, they are about discerning faithful ways to live out of the gospel.

About this course

God’s Total Response is an invitation to construct a biblical theology of Christian identity and mission in the 21st Century. The biblical writers have consistently thought of the Exodus narrative as the paradigmatic framework for understanding God’s redeemed and the corresponding life and witness of God’s people.

In this course, we will rediscover the broad significance and relevance of the Exodus for our own contexts. To do this we will primarily use the writings of a renowned missiologist, Old Testament scholar, and a dear friend of CETI and INFEMIT’s, Rev. Chris Wright. Also, we will be engaging selected portions of the Cape Town Commitment, which is a landmark missional call to action in our times.


  • We will better understand the significance of the Exodus event for the shape and message of the entire biblical narrative.
  • We will gain practice in connecting the realities and needs of our local contexts with the comprehensive understanding of salvation that we find in Exodus.
  • We will experience collaborative learning so that we may be inspired to continue thinking and learning about the missiological thinking birthed within the Lausanne movement.

Course Details

Start date: February 22nd, 2018
End date: March 10th, 2018
Price: $20 USD per student
Course Type/Time Commitment: Online, approximately 6hrs/week
Videoconferences: 90 minutes on March 3 and March 10 starting at 1400 GMT
Registration limit: Capped at 50 participants



We will work together reading Wright’s The Mission of God’s People, and other selected resources, including The Cape Town Commitment (Lausanne Movement)


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Course designed also for members of NGO’s like: World Vision, Compassion International, International Justice Mission, Habitat for Humanity